We know a lot of fantastic female leaders and value the experience of bringing them together to support and teach one another. We have found that with small groups and intimate settings, we can gain more depth in our discussions and stronger connections between the participants.

On February 8-9th, 2014, the Red Ants Pants Foundation hosted the inaugural women’s leadership retreat. This event was designed with the purpose of bringing 12 female leaders together from across Montana to discuss the resources needed to help support women’s leadership. The participants ranged from attorneys and bank executives, to farmers and non-profit directors.

The two-day event covered topics such as ‘How do we define women’s leadership, in the workplace, home, community and government?’ and ‘How do we better support the women and girls moving up behind us?’.

We also had workshops instructed by professionals such as “Personal Finance: Basics of Investing”.


“Thank you again for the wonderful weekend. I came feeling drained and anxious due to life and work stress, and left feeling buoyant and encouraged.”–Chelsea
“This was exactly what I needed. Having these conversations with other business owners opened my eyes to the reality that I’m not the only one struggling with these big questions!”-Faith
“It was remarkable to be surrounded by some of Montana’s most incredible, pioneering women. To have the opportunity to share our experiences, our successes, and our challenges, and to look at the roles we can play in supporting one another, and the future women in leadership roles was invaluable. The Red Ants Pants Foundation continues to provide direct benefit to young women and emerging leaders in Montana.”-Courtney

It has become very clear to us that there is a huge demand for additional focused events such as Female Entrepreneurship, Female Non-Profit Leadership, and How to be a Female Leader in your Business with your Partner. We are excited to develop events to meet the needs of women leaders across the region.

Interested in attending one of these events? Fill out our form HERE.

We want to know what is important to you! Topics can include:

  • Personal Finance
  • Legal Advising for business or non-profit
  • How to be a Better Boss Lady
  • How to support other Women in Leadership Roles
  • How to support Girls/Mentoring
  • Time Management
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Community Leadership: In the home, church, government, volunteer organizations
  • Money Talk: How to put Value on YOU!
  • Identity: How to be yourself outside of your business
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Styles


The inaugural retreat was held at
Double T River Ranch in Clyde Park, Montana pictured above.