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2018 Community Grants

With proceeds from the 2017 Red Ants Pants Music Festival, we were able to award more than $15,000 in grants in 2018.
Below are the eight recipients of the 2018 Red Ants Pants Foundation Community Grant. Congratulations!
American Legion Auxiliary Girls State

Location: Statewide, MT
Grant Awarded: $1,500
The American Legion and its Auxiliary Units sponsor Boys and Girls State sessions in every state of the nation. Girls State of Montana is in its 70th year and has served close to 14,000 girls in Montana. Each year, 100-300 high school junior girls are provided a week-long interactive government learning experience. The summer session is a non-partisan participatory program that teaches young women responsible citizenship grounded in ethics, the principles of our nation’s founders, and respect for God and Country. The Red Ants Pants Foundation grant will help to support rural attendees travel expenses to attend this prestigious leadership conference.

Garfield County Fire Foundation

Location: Jordan, MT
Grant Awarded: $5,000
Garfield County Fire Foundation’s mission is to secure early suppression fire equipment for the county and to serve as a recovery agent mitigating the negative impacts of wildfire on the community.  Parents of ranch-raised teens frequently delegate them to drive support vehicles alongside an adult operating fire suppression equipment on wildfires. The Red Ants Pants Foundation grant will help to fund our internet-delivered Teen Fire Safety mini-curriculum. This five-course series uses videos, personal testimonies, and written materials to develop awareness of fire behavior, educate on what to do if a piece of farm equipment bursts into fire, and demonstrat how to work with firefighters and other individuals. The lessons can be incorporated into science, math, FFA, 4-H and other courses for grades 7-12, or used to enhance community fire awareness for all ages.  

Kalispell FFA

Location: Kalispell, MT
Grant Awarded: $600
Kalispell FFA has been a part of the Flathead Valley since 1930 and continues to be a community-supported program serving two high schools and over 300 students annually.  The Red Ants Pants Foundation grant will be used to purchase women’s-specific welding gloves to help promote young women’s success in our welding program. FFA provides opportunities in a wide variety of career experiences, from traditional career paths to global agriculture.


Make it Happen Montana – Kindness Project

Location: Lewistown, MT
Grant Awarded: $1,600
Make It Happen Montana’s Kindness Project was created because all too often only athletic achievements or unfortunate acts of poor judgement dominate the spotlight in our schools. This project celebrates the brilliance of quiet student heroes who inspire our teachers every day with their dedication, imagination, and thoughtfulness. The funds from the Red Ants Pants Foundation grant will help cover costs of the production and assembly of this heartwarming project that honors these outstanding young people and seeks to make kindness cool again.  


Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc.

Location: Statewide, Montana
Grant Awarded: $1,000
At Miss Rodeo Montana, Inc., our vision for each young woman is that they may acquire a greater understanding of the world around them, improve self-esteem and self-confidence, gain valuable life skills, and gain opportunities for advancement of their personal and professional lives. We strive to also educate the public about the professional sport of rodeo, our western way of life, and the role of agriculture. With this grant from the Red Ants Pants Foundation, we plan to help bridge the gap between the local pageants and state organization.  We will be offering assistance to local royalty to attend our yearly state clinic that we host in October.  We hope to educate and help as many local girls as we can to gain knowledge and experience in interviews, public speaking, etiquette, and other tools needed to be a successful rodeo ambassador.


Turner Farms

Location: Missoula, MT
Grant Awarded: $1,700
Turner Farms is a small, organic family farm on the fringe of Missoula. Our mission is to continue the legacy of agriculture in our area while educating the next generation about the importance of local food and local farmland. Funds granted by the Red Ants Pants Foundation will be used to purchase garden carts for the farm to be used by the groups of young people and school groups who come to work on the farm, and also for families to use during our annual Pumpkin Festival as they explore the farm!  


Wheatland County Chamber of Commerce

Location: Harlowton, MT
Grant Awarded: $2,100
Wheatland County and its residents are interested in promoting community-focused educational and recreational events in Harlowton and are working diligently to improve the Wheatland County Fairgrounds. This half-million-dollar project includes the renovation of the grandstands built in 1910, repairs and improvements to the youth fair building, and replacing the perimeter fence and arena lights. The Red Ants Pants Foundation grant will be used to add a sink and running water to the youth fair building.


Women Leading Montana

Location: Statewide, MT
Grant Awarded: $1,500
Founded in 2017, Women Leading Montana inspires growth and creates common ground through connection and celebration. In Great Falls this October, we will bring together a diverse group of 150 women from all corners of the state of Montana to sharpen leadership skills, make meaningful connections, and celebrate our accomplishments in Montana. Our convening will include leadership training, issues education, an awards ceremony, community tours, and of course celebration. The Red Ants Pants Foundation grant will support rural attendees’ participation in this regionally-significant event.

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