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Community Grants

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WE BELIEVE IN... The Value of Rural Communities.

Because in small towns, we need each other, and we maintain the personal connection.

2024 Community Grant Winners!

With proceeds from the 2023 Red Ants Pants Music Festival, we were able to award $21,000 in grants in 2024. Click here to learn more about the 14 recipients of the
Red Ants Pants Foundation’s 2024 Community Grants.

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For our 2025 grant cycle, we will be accepting Letters of Intent (LOI)
through our online portal January 15th- February 15th, 2025.
Mark your calendar!

Learn more about our grant making process here:

Each year, with proceeds from the Red Ants Pants Music Festival, the Red Ants Pants Foundation awards grants to organizations and individuals whose projects further our mission. Our granting is focused on projects that align with our mission pillar of enriching and promoting rural communities. Now having completed our eleventh grant cycle, the Red Ants Pants Foundation has granted over $180,000 to well over 100 entities across nearly every corner of Montana.

Eligible individuals or organizations must have a mission and values in alignment with the Foundation and demonstrate that the grant award will be used in a way that furthers the mission and values of the Red Ants Pants Foundation.

The Mission of the Red Ants Pants Foundation:
  • To develop and expand leadership roles for women.

  • To preserve and support working family farms and ranches.

  • To enrich and promote rural communities.

The Values of the Red Ants Pants Foundation:
  • To recognize and cultivate a strong work ethic.

  • To encourage and build self-reliance, especially for women.

  • To educate the public on the importance of maintaining traditional work skills.

  • To provide opportunities for people with different perspectives to connect, build bridges, and discover common ground.

Community Project Connection (CPC) 2023 Red Ants Pants Foundation Grantee

Community Project Connection is a small group in Worden/Ballantine. The group formed over one common goal:

to enrich and promote our

rural communities and create

lasting relationships.

CG-Community Project Connection-Mural (1).jpg
"Without a doubt our mural, picnic tables, and benches have enriched and promoted our rural communities. We really are a collaboration of many little rural communities, including Huntley, Worden, Ballantine, and Pompey's Pillar. The side of the Project Merc building directly faces highway 312, which is the main road connecting all our communities."

-Attribution, Community Project Connection

Montana Horsepower Retreats
2023 Red Ants Pants Foundation Grantee

The mission of Montana Horsepower Retreats is to provide a safe place for fostering life change, healing, and empowerment, and to provide an opportunity for individuals to connect and grow through equine life coaching and the healing power of horses.

"Getting to spend time with these local high school girls and seeing them grow and move towards a better life and get to be a part of that experience was an honor. Their courage and vulnerability was beyond measure. Everyone involved in the project grew and learned in their own way."

-Attribution, Montana Horsepower Retreats

Grant Recipients: The Big Picture

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